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WorkWell it didn’t take long, my resolve to post on my own personal casino blog space here on Leading Casino every day, it fell flat, not even one week into the new agreement I made with myself.

To be fair though I have been ultra busy and seem to be energised once again when it comes to working on my portfolio of casino and gambling related domains.

Since June last year, I have been spending all my time and efforts getting my Football news site off the ground. It has been a really enjoyable process as well.

Seeing a site start from nothing, turn into a site that on a good day can exceed 30,000 unique visitors, plus seeing the stories which I wrote either from my office in town, or my living room at home, get splashed across national newspaper publications. Some have even resorted to stealing them, would you believe it? Mention no names, cough Daily Mail cough.

I have a good team of writers on board now on Footie Online and the site is great fun to work on still, I mean having to watch football and follow the football news, that isn’t work is it?

But serious work is what I have been doing this week. Normally after attending an affiliate conference, one comes away buzzing and full of ideas. London in January was no different and this is the reason I went absent without leave from the blog here on Leading Casino yesterday.

My problem and failing has always been my design ability being akin to a three year old being let loose on MS Paint, but the experience I have gained over the last 8 months or so working on Footie Online has finally given me the skills and more importantly the confidence to go ahead on my own.

No longer do I need to outsource design work ( Although in the case of Online Casino Reviewer a revamp is being outsourced – after all that is my ‘baby’ and hasnt been touched for four years design wise ) and as such I have been busy.

Having bought a portal last week, I spent all weekend revamping it from top to bottom, opening it back up on Monday morning and have to say, it looks really good, but then I am biased. Then alongside the minor revamp of here ( Leading Casino – I know the logo is still naff! )I have also spent the rest of the week working on a car crash of a site I bought back in 2009 for $500.

The site in question is Gambling Advertisements of which I never did anything with, just left it in the sorry state it was delivered to me in. It served it’s purpose well, providing some links to my own network and generating revenue by way of selling links over the past three years to more than recoup the outlay on it. But this morning after working solidly on it all week, I have reopened Gambling Advertisements.

A new design, completely new content and with it a proper fully fledged portal in it’s own right.

I well and truly have the bug now. Looks like I am going to be busy though as I own 124 domains! 😐

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