Marvel Super Heroes

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Marvel Online SlotsThe past couple of months again time has dictated that there has been none of it to go around as far as updating my blog here on Leading Casino goes.

To the extent that my time online has been such that I have only been able to update a few of my core sites, thus putting on the backburner my plans to launch more ‘niche’ themed sites.

But I am pleased to say that at least one of my projects has finally come to fruition of some sort. This being my Marvel Slots site.

Marvel plays a big part in my life at the moment, what with my soon to turn 4 year old son being a massive Spidey and X Men fan.

I also used to collect the comics when I was a kid, plus one of my friends Kieron Gillen currently just happens to write for the actual X Men comic. Not withstanding the fact that I love slots.

I hope to have on Marvel Online Slots all the Marvel Slot games reviewed in time, including the old Cryptologic versions, especially as I won a Marvel Super Hero jackpot way back on Intercasino.

I also envisage that all the game reviews will feature freeplay versions of the games in question, currently only the Incredible Hulk Slot review does so. Thanks to bet365 Casino for that.

If any affiliate managers of the Playtech Casinos that I currently work with can provide freeplay flash games which I can use on my Marvel site, then please get in touch.

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