Busy again as per usual

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BusyAs the title states, the past two weeks have once again been extremely busy, so whilst I have been ignorning my blog here on Leading Casino, I have actually been working.

Apart from over the weekend just gone, what with being a big boxing fan, I got caught up in the news surrounding the build up to the Heavyweight title fight and the fracas in the aftermath that followed it.

So what have I actually been doing?

Well I have managed to get another site off the ground. Yes another site. This one is called Online Casinos Guide.

I’ve had the domain name for a couple of years now, but like everything else, have not had the time to develop it.

This site is different in many ways to my other gambling portals and is truly a UK facing casino portal. I will in time be outsourcing the design of the logo, but in the meantime you have to make do with my photoshop skills :s

In other news, Bristol City still are trying to get relegated. :(

On another note, 188Bet Casino are now fully on board and well worth checking out.



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